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20 days in the baby bubble and I could give it a lot more. We can’t still understand how wonderful the feeling is, even thou I didn’t feel that the world stopped or everything changed. Its just more of us in this little one and every feeling I had when he lived inside of me is now real, I know YOU!

By the first cry I knew he was a boy and the first look I saw his dad and just a tiny bit of me. He is already a small boy and I can feel the urge in him to grow, gain and manage by himself. This one doesn’t care for being a baby, I tell him every day I will never treat him like one.

So the days of alone time is now days of me and YOU time. Breastfeeding, learning how to lay on your stomach, sleeping, diaper changes and cleaning the mess we make. My back is already soar and even if I try to drink water my head hurts and as the labour ended in a acute c-section I also have a scar to heal. As our baby was given to his dad for the first hours of his life the bond they formed is so lovely to see. I had him for a brief moment when we gave him the breast and then I was taken away – so I’m food and daddy is the world.

The breastfeeding if it works its wonderful, if it doesn’t just end it or try to find a solution. Mine worked for 4 days until we came home. I could see  that he got milk but the grip around the nipple feelt wrong. The day after they where bleeding and hurting so bad, as Natalia already gave me a heads-up I used the nipple care Multi MAM – they healed over night.  But I could feel that the grip would not get better, a neighbor gave me the tip about silicon nipple protector and this has made wonders. I’m happy, he’s happy and when the grip gets better we can go on to all natural.

For the labour part –  the only tip I have for all of you out there is you cannot control nature, have no expectations everything will go the way its supposed to and every women is a queen for managingFullSizeRender

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