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Vilde Rolfsen 2014

4 days and counting, all of the preparations are done. We’re done nesting and the date I thought our baby would be here has already past. So what can a mother do except for resting and saving energy. I’ve kept myself busy with things that has a holistic approach that might not suit all, but was fun for me to try. I’ve had heard that Acupuncture should help the body to start producing its own natural pain relief and when in labour the needles would be more affective. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment, I slept like a baby and it helped me with the access water I was carrying in my lower body. This can only be done from week 36 as there is a possibility that the labour could start. So if the wait becomes to long we have said to go back and try to kick it off with the needles.

I’ve tried to take 30 minutes a day to do some breathing and meditation exercises, I would lay on the floor with my feet high on a chair or against a wall. You can find mindfulness apps for mothers that are pretty good that guides you and you can also practice breathing techniques with your partner. I believe that if I can find my inner calmness and breath, the stress of delivery will be less.

For the baby, you and you’re partner.




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