Pregnancy in Art?


(Artwork Unknown)

I came across this beautiful portrait of a pregnant woman. I find it very rare to see pregnant women in older portraits, I often wonder why this is and why women were mostly portrait  naked and fertile but almost never bearing and pregnant?

The only artists That come to mind that actually did portray women bearing are Egon Schiele and Gustaf Klimt. Klimt was very symbolic like here below, Vision( earlier he called it Hope).Hope-II

And Egon Schiele’s Pregnant Woman with Green Belly (1910). Why did he embellish her belly with green? The reason is not that he thought it would look good. The issue is metaphor. The pregnant woman with a seemingly male hand is a self-representation of the artist’s pregnant mind which is as fertile as the color green. SchieleBlogPregnantGreenBelly.1910_545_795

I´m happy that today it is more common than rare to find pregnant women in art. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman bearing life.

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