Help! My baby Doesn’t sleep

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No Sleep 🙁


I know all mothers share the same problems and one of them is the lack of sleep. So I thought I might tell you a bit about my current issue with my little girl. She just hit the 18 month mark and suddenly everything has changed. Its like she is a totally new little person. We all know that kids go through new periods all the time, from super cute and funny ,relaxed to super annoying and almost really irritating periods (for the parents that is). And this is exactly where we are now….

She does not want to sleep! It’s so frustrating and exhausting trying to do everything to get her into a routine to sleep. But much to my exhaustions nothing is working. She is old enough not to take to long naps during the day so we try not to make her sleep to long then, but we all know not to wake a baby up when its sleeping.  So this in the long run makes her stay awake untill ca 20.00-21.00. We try to put her to sleep and boy is that a struggle! It usually takes at least an hour and I find myself falling asleep to even though I have so much on my plate to finish that I havent been able to because of staying with her all day(we still haven´t received our spot at daycare so I’m a full-time working mom with toddler).

So, to cut to the chase, she fell asleep at 21.30 and woke up in the middle of the night at 03.00 super cranky and angry. I couldn’t even put her down on her back because she was struggling against laying down just wanted to be carried around in the livingroom. And then suddenly she wanted to play. She was up till 06.30 this morning and then woke up again 09.00!! How is she not tired? I’m so tired of not sleeping for 4 days of this now and so frustrated. I wish we could go back to last weeks “period” when she was so happy and smily all the time!

Should I just get used to a toddler that doesn’t need much sleep and is a “night owl” or can I change this?



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