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A while ago when I decided it was time to make the baby start eating from the bottle. This was not an easy task and soon I found myself addicted to buying and trying out new bottles almost every day…so expensive and so unnecessary! But What was to do when I desperately needed the baby to start eating from the bottle? I’m sure you mothers out there that have been through the same situation understand what Im talking about…. slide1

SO, I came across this amazing little, funny but OH so cute bottle from Mimijumi and I totally wish I had found these earlier! The bottle is shaped like a dome so that the latching and drinking experience is as close to real breastfeeding as can be. It’s just amazing! Like the best kept secret and the best trick to lur the baby to drink from it! 😉 The bottles are off course BPA latex free and made so they prevent colic and the nipple is made from medical and food grade silicone.


The color of the nipple is nude so it looks like a nipple and breast which we totally love! The bottles are super easy to clean (dishwasher safe)and they are just the greatest thing I have tried in terms of transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle. I just love how it looks like a small boobie! 🙂 Super cute! They come in 2 sizes and the names of them are as cute as the bottle it self : The very hungry (240ml)and The not so hungry(120ml).


So MOthers! If you are struggling with this same issue as I was I truly recommend you try Mimijumi! Such a relief of stress! Unfortunately I haven’t found the brand in Sweden but hopefully they will come here soon! SO if you are in the states look for it and get it you will be a much happier mommy I promise!

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