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Baby Bumps!

life, maternity, motherhood, pregnancy, relationships May 4, 2016

Yesterday this little bee(niece) wanted to do everything auntie is doing. So it ended up with us showing our cutie stomages and having a good laugh. Conversation went: me: mine is bigger, *laugh* little bee: hihihihi *laugh* with hands covering her mouth. no no no me: yes, yes , yes little bee: heejdooo/bye bye  

life, maternity, pregnancy April 25, 2016

Small Bump, So What? Being in the 32nd week of my pregnancy one can’t really say my stomach is huge and even though I know everything is ok it’s still kind of irritating to hear from others, Things like: “Wow but you’re so small?” or “I would never had guessed” etc. Guess they mean well […]