Why have we stopped helping one another?

Uncategorized May 3, 2016


The other day I was on( what was supposed to be) a 4,5h long train trip from Stockholm to Malmö in Sweden. This trip soon became one of my worst trips and one of the longest delays ever. It ended up being 10h long. But what was much more upsetting to me, then that I just wanted to get “there”(traveling with a 17  a month old is not the easiest) was the insane lack of respect for women and children. What happened to women and children first? Or what about giving a hand to a woman with an infant, stroller and luggage? When our train broke down and we had to change to busses every single passenger leaving that train( we are talking 500 people)ran to the busses only thinking about them selves. I was traveling with my daughter and my brother, luckily enough he was with me, because no one on this train would have helped me… What stunned me the most was that there was a woman who was carrying an infant that nobody even noticed or once gave a thought of helping her get on the bus. The bus was getting full and she really need to get on it because no body knew when the next bus would arrive. Anyhow me and my brother helped her with her stroller and all of her luggage and got on the bus. As she was getting on with her little baby NOBODY even bothered to move and give up a seat for her, instead she had to sit on a small “flap” chair(the ones located next to the entrance that you can pull down). So she was supposed to sit there for 2-3h while we were driving full speed to Malmö???With a 5 month old infant??? As soon as me and my brother noticed this we ran up to her and asked her to take our seats and we ended up traveling with her and helped her all the way to destination. These things make me so upset and angry. I can´t believe the lack of respect and human kindness. Have we become so selfish that we can´t even give a helping hand to a needing person? Is it really so much better to pretend, avoid and ignore contact? Easier just to look down in on our iPhone and are so afraid and anti social because of social media maybe?

What is your experience? Have you noticed the same?


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