Best Buy Before Baby Arrival!

interior, pregnancy, tips April 26, 2016



One of the best recommendations I received before baby was do, was to get a baby-nest. It was definitely one of the most used items we got for the baby. NO!! Actually it was the most used one! This way we could place our little one in between us and not worry about the baby rolling around in bed. We actually had one made in black as the inside of our stroller and we had it there for the first 6 moths when the baby was too small for the stroller. Most strollers come in 2 parts one “lay-bed” (or basin one might call it) and one that’s a sit up part for when the baby is a bit older and can sit by itself.  Most often the basin is much to big for the baby so the baby nest was a perfect solution! With the nest baby was sleeping firmly,calmly and comfortably . Most baby stores sell baby-nests today but it´s very easy to make yourself if you have the time!

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